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Must have street food in your wedding menu


What can be more delightful that our Indian cuisine, the street food that we all love and can die for !! Any where we Indians crave for the amazing variety of street food that we have. So, why deprive our wedding menu from these amazing food vibrant culture we have. Latest food trends with international dimensions and unique exhibits are sizzling up the wedding venues these days. Well, the new food format and exotic world cuisines are fine, but there is something that our Indian palates have been missing; the desi lip-smacking food from the streets of India.

Tips -Try these menu styles to add that extra touch to your extravagant food menu.

The new and innovative menus hardly match up-to the happiness of the traditional roadside food we all have grown up relishing. So, this season forget the expectations and get back to the conventional choices with these eclectic varieties of guest-pleasers.

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