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Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week


It might be getting a bit colder out here, but the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2015, started with a rather 'summery' feel. And why shouldn't it be so, when we are talking about Spring-Summer collection. With a "spring in the step", "Péro" by Aneeth Arora which was the first presentation on Day 1 saw the most awesome floral

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Onions Surprise Us – This Time, Pleasantly! (Part 1)


Onions made headlines for most part of the year gone by. Your friends at Shaadi Magic, bring the obliging Onion back to news – only to pleasantly surprise you guys this time! Onions, just like their personality, have multi-layered benefits. A few, we are warning you, might surrrrrprise you! Let’s see how much you knew. You Glow Girl: Because of

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Say Buh-Bye To Cracked Heels



Many of us, me included, tend to take our feet for granted and only pamper them in the warmer months of the year when they are on display to the world as we trip around in flip flops and sandals and bright nailpaints and what not. Since feet are mostly hidden during winters, we dont take adequate care. In addition there is cold that takes away all the moisture causing

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10 Ah-Mazing Face Packs For Winters!



Winters, we all we agree, can be dominating and hard on skin. Dry skin, patchy skin and irritating skin. Don't you just hate that? Yes, we do too! So, let us share with all you lovely ladies 10 super amazing face packs to kick winter outta your skin! - COCOA POWDER: Cocoa Powder & Honey Cocoa powder not only moisturises the skin, but also softens it.

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Rains are here and it has become really pleasant. As rains bring a breather from scorching temperatures of summers, they also bring along a new and much repulsed act - of walking muddy on streets and pavements! During monsoons, your feet really have to bear the brunt. Let’s see how we can have feet as happy as our souls are during monsoon!   Avoid Being

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Monsoon And Make-Up : Let Them Make Up


Product 02-008 wipes-half-smile-crop

Monsoon and romance have been romantically involved since forever. But when it comes to monsoon and make-up, the story gets emotional. The humidity goes all time high impacting your make-up. Don’t let the rains drench (lots of pun-intended) your make-up regime, all you need is a bit of aligning of your make-up routine to the weather and you’re gorgeous to go. We

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Whoa! Did you just put your hair stylist on speed dial 1? Because we going to talk about them being removed from there. (For every 6-8 weeks!) With chic chignons and side swept curly, quirky hairdos creating glitzy buzz at Cannes and “salon styled hair everyday” kind of TVCs around, who wouldn’t be tempted to visit hair salons and buy expensive hair care products

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Secret To Apply Make-Up Primer


images_primer 0

Many times you look at a magazine model or a celeb on TV or internet and wonder if their skin is digitally enhanced. But more than that, let’s agree, we go green of their make-up expertise! Most definitely, achieving perfect make-up is an art…but we bring to you a step-by-step guide to the art of applying a primer …which in fact, is the key to have that envious

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Sparkly Smile



What is surely having its moment this season is SPARKLE! Magazines are peppered with sparkle trends…red carpet is being rocked by celebs donning shiny dresses and accessories. Whether its shiny pumps or shimmery tops…this trend is sparkling fashionistas across the globe. But if the idea of wearing a sequin covered Kurta makes you nervous, try adding a subtle shine to

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Red-y To Go…?


red lips

Ok, answer this – Can there ever be an Indian Wedding without the color RED? Even a school girl can answer this - Nah!!!! It could be the entire wedding dress or jewellery or any accessory, weddings in India would be acceptably unimaginable without the color Red. Despite red saris, red nail paints and red heels being the wardrobe / make-up staple season after

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