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How to get closer in your Long Distance Relationship?

How to get closer in your Long Distance Relationship?

Long distance relationships are undeniably precarious and if you are one of those unfortunate lovers than we are sorry for you. The separation, the mere thought of being apart for months and years, from your lover is undeniably hard and maybe scary too. Couples do not opt for Long Distance Relationships (better known as L.D.R.), mostly it happens due to online dating or

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5 Tips to Keep the Romance Alive After Marriage

5 Tips to Keep the Romance Alive After Marriage

Seemingly, after countable months or years somehow the spark between the husband and wife slowly diminishes due considerable reasons. With time, the romance factor phases out and the pair surrenders to the monotony of the relation. Everyone has the urge to reignite the flame along with the better half but some believe it is possible and certainly some assumes it is not

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Game of Thrones- Theme Wedding

games of throne themed wedding

The Westeros Wedding I know weddings and Game of Thrones don’t really go well together (if you know what I mean) but true fans cannot resist the appeal of this fantastic show! Set in a fantasy world, Game of Thrones is all things extravagant, magical and opulent. Isn't that what we always wish for in a wedding? If you're a fan of the popular series then here's how you

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6 Unique Desserts for an Indian Wedding

6 Unique Desserts for an Indian Wedding

After relishing the sumptuous variety of cuisines laid out at a wedding dinner, how do we put an end to that delicious meal and relax our taste buds? Yes, with an irresistible lip-smacking "mithai" or maybe "laddoo" and even "kheer" would be great. No wait! "Halwa" will be better. Ok that’s it! How hard it is to decide which dessert to go for? Very hard I tell you.

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10 Strangely Awesome Marriage Traditions around the world

traditions of marriage

Perhaps, the only thing considered common among all the castes and communities or maybe countries globally must be a Wedding. But, have you ever given a second thought or ever wondered about other unique wedding traditions? It is always interesting and quite fascinating to know the innumerable wedding customs and traditions of another culture. Let’s go through these top

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Ultimate Shaadi Playlist

East india Comedy Shaadi Playlist

#India has 4 seasons - #Summer, #Spring, #Autumn, #Wedding The Wedding season is the awesomest of them, Are we right ? Or Are we right ?? And Shaadi Music & dance is one of the most important part for the wedding guests as its a fun time and ofcourse you can meet someone special on dance floor too ;) East India Comedy has come up with different kinda playlist

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Top 5 Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography tips

Unarguably, by and by wedding photography has been regarded as one of the most significant and highlighting factor of a wedding. Do we need to elaborate why? Sealing happy moments and eventually turning them into memories is what photographs do to us. When everybody leaves and everything is put away, it is only the pictures which will speak and narrate those priceless

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Extravagant Bollywood Shaadis

big indian bollywood weddings

How familiar are we with the phrase “Big Fat Indian Wedding”? Yes, when it comes to extravagant weddings, Indians will show you how to do it better than anyone else. Basically, Bollywood weddings takes extravagance to a whole new level as it includes a colorfully pictorial location, vibrant décor and uncountable celebrities. Let’s unveil the top Bollywood weddings

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How to choose your wedding cake

select your wedding cake

Considerably, the wedding cake is as vital as your wedding attire or wedding décor. It is definitely one of the most significant parts of your entire ostentatious wedding. And the good news is, this is the very first cake you will be slicing together with your better half and feeding each other. Yeah, you can call it a westernized tradition but too bad, we have already

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Neena Thakkar Weds Rachait Kankeshwar

marriage couple

My Wedding Story Sharing my wedding story is like rewinding the most glorious phase of my life. Yes, like the normal Indian tradition, it happened to be an arranged marriage. But the technological aid often puts a doubt on that fact. Strangely, the story of my marriage began with the newspaper advertisement which brought our parents in contact with each other. As my

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