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First Night: An Intimate affair! Known sexy first night gift ideas


The First Night is ‘one main day’ to make it a special affair after the wedding. It doesn’t matter you celebrate the first wedding night of your life together with your newly wedded partner in a luxurious hotel or a sweetly decorated bedroom of your home, all that matters is, it should be a moment to make the duo comfortable coupled with intimate moves and some

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8 Reasons to have sex every day after marriage


There is a whole new stack of factual evidence revealed finally, behind the reason to have sex every day after marriage with your partner. How important is sex to a married couple or in a marriage? Pretty much I say! If you are still stuck on the old beliefs like love-making or sex is only for pleasure sake and only to content your partner then you might want to look into

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Pranesh and Kruthi – Arranged Kam, Love Zyada Wedding story

real wedding

What happens when typical Martian meets a typical women from Venus ? Love happens! Well.. atleast in this case, it happened. So, there's is so called arranged marriage but, no sir no , you will not feel that for even a second that these two super crazy people were not truly, madly in love for years. So, typically in our blog, bride gives her word about wedding and

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Cricket Themed Wedding

cricket themed wedding ideas

So you are the guy who eat, sleep and breathe cricket .Yes, we are talking about you! Ahaan, almost every Indian do so and we all know cricket is not a sport in India , it is a Religion and Sachin Tendulkar is our God !! We all are bleeding blue this Worldcup, hoping to get another feather in our cap under captaincy of M S Dhoni. And you want this cricket craziness in

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6 Secrets to a Happy Marriage

6 secrets to a happy marriage

We believe there are considerably certain key ingredients, when it comes to a successful or a happy marriage. As, we take a note of it and stir them altogether what we get is a perfect amalgamation of feelings and emotions of the couple which has further let to the blissful marriage. Let’s go through the vital points mandatory in order to obtain a happy marriage. Our

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Harmit and Amandeep – A fairy tale indeed

Real Wedding, Indian couple

This is not the wedding story. It is a very beautiful engagement tale of two criminally attractive people. The wedding is on cards and will be featured soon. Our celebrity duo, Harmit and Amandeep are based in Vancouver, Canada and quite evidently, are madly and truly in love with each other. Harmit Sarai, the beautiful bride blogs her love story. "I was looking

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6 Golden Rules For Your Wedding Night

Golden rules for your wedding night

Dear ladies, today we have settled for a more thoughtful and electrifying topic which would be, the wedding night. Your wedding night! Your one and only wedding night! Scared? :P Oh yes, we certainly get it that the mere thought of it, makes you jittery, shy, excited, scared, nervous all at the same time. Every woman in her mind might have definitely promised herself to

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List of Indian Wedding Games

List of Indian Wedding Games

Let us plan up somewhat exceedingly interesting for your wedding or maybe your friend’s or relative’s whatever that’s not the point right now! The idea is to come up with particularly a set of Indian wedding games to be played during the session rather than drooling over the bride and groom. Here I ‘am listing out like the best of best and exhilarating games to

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Tips for new brides to celebrate first Holi after marriage

Tips for new brides to celebrate first Holi after marriage

Holi is here. Yay! Hold onto the butterflies in your stomach lady, we completely understand this is your first Holi with your hubby dearest and in-laws of course but, (yes there is but) it's mandatory you have to take care of certain points so that; you leave an affirmative impression on your new family quite effortlessly. Now follow our lead and pay

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7 Most Beautiful Television Brides


The bride in the picture is a very depressed being , who has tied the wedlock by force and has nothing but teary eyes and vengeful soul to tear the ego of  arrogant groom (with whom she will eventually fall in love). But surprisingly, this is not the scene of real weddings of our favorite televesion hotties. They sing, dance and jump in aww like any other normal

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