What should I review on ShaadiMagic‚ ?

You should review any local showroom, shops, wedding venues, service providers like photographers, wedding planners, caterers etc or online retailer business that you have been a customer to, your opinions can be both positive or negative and anywhere in between to give a fair opinion to other users.

Why should I review on‚ ShaadiMagic‚ ?

ShaadiMagic is the largest wedding planning market place in India consisting of more than 150000 wedding vendors and now have global presence too. Thousands of to-be weds visit Shaadimagic every day to plan their wedding. Your reviews would be really helpful for to-be weds to finalise the wedding vendors in their city. As you have already used services of a particular wedding vendor at your or your relatives or friends wedding, you can help others to select the correct vendor with your positive reviews and create magic at their wedding. And your negative reviews would make sure that their weddings do not get ruined by some wedding service provider.

Can business owners publicly comment on my reviews?

Yes. We have created a feature allowing business owners to publicly respond to reviews. This would make sure that the reviews remain genuine. You can also exchange private messages if you would like further communications.

Do reviews ever get removed?

In some uncommon situations reviews can be removed. Users can remove their own reviews or our user support team also reserve the right to remove the ones that are abusive or violate the Terms. One other cause of reviews being removed is when a business is no longer in operation and the listing of the business is removed from ShaadiMagic.

How do I publish my reviews to Facebook or Twitter or other Social‚ media channels?

Yes! This is simple to do and is a great way to spread your experience of a service. You can do so by sharing via social media icons on the wedding business listing page

For Wedding Businesses

What is the default order of your search?

The order in which the vendors are listed depends on the area of the vendor you have actually searched for. User can sort the listings based on ratings or reviews of the wedding vendors. Sometimes, some sponsors might make it to the top of a search result. Such results are marked by ‘Featured’ or ‘Sponsored’ or ‘Ad’.

How do you go about rating all these vendors?

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we don’t even moderate any ratings for our clients, thus providing a true and honest interface to you! The rating totally depends upon the rating given by visitors of the portal. In a way, this also means that only the best rated vendors work with us to bring the best of wedding services to you. We do post vendors detail into our huge social network to provide us with an unbiased opinion about a vendor.

I have not been able to find some vendors in my locality/area, so how can I get information about them?

We apologize for the inconvenience. To get all those vendors on the site we have missed, all you need to do is tell us the name of those vendors along with their locality. And it would be great if you ask the vendor to list himself on ShaadiMagic.

You are misleading your customers by putting wrong details about a vendor. How do I help correct this?

Please drop us an email at‚ info@shaadimagic.com‚ to report the error.

I didn¢â‚¬â„¢t add my business listing to the website. How should I remove or update it?

If you didn¢â‚¬â„¢t add business and your business is still listed then it means our research team has taken your business details from publicly available resources.

To claim ownership of the listing:

  1. Login with your details
  2. Find your Business Listing
  3. Click on “Are you the Business Owner ? Claim it” on right hand side of your listing
  4. We will approve your claim within 48 hours from backend and then you can change the listings detail. In case, you are found not be owner or associated with business, then a legal action can ne taken against you.
  5. After approval, you can modify details and put additional stuff such as images, social media links etc
  6. And then ask your customers to rate and review your wedding business helping to-be weds to finalise their wedding vendor and create magic on their D-day.

If you have closed down your business, then please drop a mail to‚ info@shaadimagic.com. We will remove it for you.

How will I get my leads?

Once you have listed all your business details, visitors will contact you directly from the information provided by you.

I have more than one showroom, can I add more listings?

Yes, you can add as many listings as you like.

The pinpoint on the map is in the wrong place, how can I fix this?

You can drag the pin to the correct place on the map. ‚ Alternatively you can find the exact lat/long and enter it manually into the boxes below the map.

What if my image is the wrong size?

If you are unable to re-size the image yourself, try online tools like lunapic.com or email the image to info@shaadimagic.com.We will re-size the image for you. ‚ If you cannot find a suitable image, find an alternative such as ‚ a company logo.

Where do I find the video code to add to my listing?

Find the video you would like to add to your listing, right click the video and select ¢â‚¬ËœCopy embed code¢â‚¬â„¢, paste this code into the video code section of ¢â‚¬ËœAdd listing¢â‚¬â„¢. ‚ Note that video codes are only available for premium members, free members will be unable to add a video. Check out the various packages here

My question was not answered above. How can I contact you?

We can be reached at‚ info@shaadimagic.com