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Everything about White Henna for Brides-to-be

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Are you a person who hates the smell of henna or are you allergic to henna? OR Do you hate the traditional Mehendi designs and feel that your hands and feet look ugly after a week of application? 

Don’t worry we bring to your notice the latest trend in Henna art that’s taking over the Middle and it will surely win your heart.

Beauty Bloggers and Addicts from around the world have been picking upon this crazy trend and ditching the traditional red Mehendi.

This new trend in temporary body art is an intricate design with a finished look resembling white lace patterns.

When we hear or read “henna,” we immediately connect to the Indian Mehendi art which is present since ages.

 Many Bride-to-be’s and newly married Brides are sharing their experience on how much they loved this modern Henna trend and how they opted it for their weddings.

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Here is a complete guide about the new Henna trend, so that you can freely try it and ditch the old one for good.


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White henna is the latest trend in henna designs. Unlike the traditional brown or red Mehendi, this is white in color and gives one a fresh and tattoo like look after application. Depending on the ingredients used in its making, it can give different results (color of henna) on different skin tones.


The White Henna art was initially founded by Sara Vazir, an artist from Pakistan who started her Henna business in Hong Kong few years ago.

A popular beauty blogger Huda Kattan from Dubai endorsed Sara’s Henna Art and gave it a platform in the Middle East. The trend continued to wow the Middle East, specially the brides who slowly started opting for white henna instead of traditional brown, so the design shows up more prominently on darker skin tones.


Though this art hasn’t hit India or Indians quite hard, it is a great option or ideas for the fashionista brides not wanting to opt for traditional Mehendi. Also dark-skinned girls on whom brown mehendi doesn't leave that lasting impression have taken fancy to this White Henna art.

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In its purest form, traditional Mehendi is made by drying and crushing the Henna leaves into a fine powder. It is later mixed with sugar, lemon juice and essential oils to give a long lasting color.

But the new white henna, however, is not made from traditional ingredients. Instead, its ingredients are medical adhesives mixed with water and acrylic-based pigments and other chemical ingredients like bleach, sulphate etc. 


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-Wash your hands or feet cleanly.

-Start applying the white henna cone like the normal mehendi cone. Remove any designs of your choice.

-After completion, please wait till it dries. Keep at least for an hour or so.

- After it completely dries. Remove the dry white henna paste with tissue paper or towel

-After removal of the dry henna paste, apply any skin cream or hair oil on the hand.

- Avoid the contact of water on the decorated part for excellent color.


It looks great on dark skin tone. On a fair and pale skin tone it looks like an invisible tattoo. It comes out bright and in a slightly cream colored shade. Above is how it looks when washed off.

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It depends from person to person and the heat level in anyone’s body. More the heat, the better the color. If there is no contact of much water and soap the color or henna stains tend to stay up to 3 to 4 days normally.


White Henna is Modern and Trendy as it brings a novelty factor. It is a funky art which can combine the Indo-Western style very well. So you can apply white mehendi as a tattoo and not just for any traditional function or festival. It is quite versatile and hence if applied in small tattoo patterns it can add up to your western look too.

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White Henna is Chemical based. And no chemical based product is good for a quantity usage as it has its own side effects. Similarly for White Henna the acrylic content of the dye is harmful and can be allergic with some skin types. Some white henna pastes also contain bleach which is not recommended for regular skin exposure.

So we at ShaadiMagic recommend you to try this fancy and latest Henna trend and let us know how much you liked it! 

And yes BTW, On Instagram  the #whitehenna hashtag is enjoying 22,945 posts as of this writing.

Image Courtesy: Google/Pinterest. ShaadiMagic holds no copyright for images.




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