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How To Repeat Your Expensive Bridal Wear At Weddings

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Let’s admit it girls, every time we buy an expensive outfit for a wedding function, no matter how much we promise to ourselves that we will make the best use of this investment, even we know at the back of our mind that it will rest in our wardrobe forever after one use! And whenever there’s next wedding to attend, we have things like “how can I wear the same dress again”, “kya izzat reh jayegi meri?”, “I have to look different from the last time”, “shaadiyaan koi roz thodi aati hain” and what not going on in our mind!

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Well, while a lot of us make such excuses to literally waste a huge amount of money on an outfit that we plan to wear just once, there are some big shot beauties that do not shy away from repeating their dresses on various occasions.

So, if you have been adamant about not wearing the same dress to another wedding function, let these 4 Bollywood and TV divas convince you who themselves repeated their outfits.

Now that we have seen that celebs too repeat their expensive outfits, let us take a lesson or two from them on how to do it while looking different every time you step out in the same dress.

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Wear it at a wedding after a long gap

Wear it at a wedding

Isn’t that a great way to repeat an expensive outfit on a special occasion? Genelia did the same as first wore her lehenga in Riteish’s brother’s wedding in 2012. And later in 2015, she donned the same lehenga at her brother’s wedding. Well, three-year long span is enough to make an outfit of yours fade away from others’ memories, right?

Go for a lighter outfit

Most of the brides tend to go for heavily embellished or embroidered outfits on all of their wedding functions. Later on, these heavy outfits find a permanent place in their wardrobes, as wearing them on someone else’s functions will make them look overdressed. But, telly queen Sanaya gave us a brilliant idea. On one of her pre-wedding functions, she opted for a beautiful and vibrant light-weight outfit. And so, she was easily able to do the same thing at her bestie Deeya Chopra’s wedding function without looking overdressed for the occasion.

Change the way you look

Need we say more? Just see how Sonam changed her makeup and hairstyle completely the second time she wore her black Anamika Khanna dress. While first time she teamed it up with a neat bun and nude makeup, next time she donned a vintage look along with that dress which gave a her different look altogether.

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Wear it in a different style

Here comes a super-smart tip from the very gorgeous Drashti Dhami. As we told you already, she wore the same outfit on her wedding as well as reception party, the way she draped it over herself was totally different on both the times. During the wedding, it gave her the look of a traditional bride. And as she wore it on her reception, she looked super-glam just because she draped the dupatta differently. Now, that's quite a clever trick, isn't it?


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So pretty brides, are you still planning to buy a new outfit for the function you have to attend next? Well, we hope not! Just take tips from these gorgeous girls and save money!

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By Shagufta Rahaman.     



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