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All You Should Know About The Free Destination Weddings!

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Admit it when we say that you too have always dreamt of having a destination wedding. That dream of getting married to that special one in those exotic wedding locations, some place which definitely is not a banquet hall! Destination wedding or wedding tourism has definitely picked up in India but there is something else too which has come right under our nose. 
We are talking about free destination wedding.Heard of it, have you? If not then here is a guide to something which can be definitely a life changer for you.
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What is a free destination wedding?

Free destination weddings are offered by certain resorts and clubs where in you pay for certain rooms, suites with added amenities like club, food and alcohol for a certain (minimum) number of guests for a minimum number of days. Under this, your wedding is covered for free. 
Confused? Say you go to a resort offering a free destination wedding. Here, you are required to chose the best of the rooms with best of the restaurants and clubs, for at least a fixed number of guests (usually 7) for a minimum of three days. After this, your wedding preparations like flowers, food, sitting, place etc are all free!

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What All Come's Under The Free Wedding Package?

Your free wedding package depends from destination to destination. The basic includes a wedding planner, best location, cake, bouquets, makeup and dressing, free wine for some people and the best post-wedding suite. 

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Is It Really Worth?

Here come's the million dollar question. Is it really worth it? Well, that actually depends on the size of your guest list. Remember that more the number of guests, more will be the staying expense charged. If you plan to have as mall intimate wedding with just the family, then this is the ideal deal. Since the restrictions may require a minimum number of people and days of stay, it's better if you sort the math beforehand.
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Why Do People Go For It?

Couples who want an intimate wedding ceremony with certain selected people opt for these weddings since the budget turn out to be great. Also planning a wedding outside your home can be fussy, so this is where the wedding planner comes handy.

So we hope that you now know what a free wedding is and if you are ready to have your's this way!

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By Arushi Tyagi




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