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Quinceanera Theme Wedding- The One That You Always Wanted

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Every girl is her daddy's little princess and her wedding is that one day which she wants to live to the fullest. Weddings can go mushy if not planned properly, and for her there is nothing that should go wrong ever! Dady's princess deserves a better theme for her wedding and there can be nothing better than Quinceanera wedding! Now if you are confused about what we just said here, read along to find what it is!

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What Is The Quinceanera Theme?

Quinceanera theme is nothing but enchanted or a fairytale wedding theme for the pampered and most loved daughter of the family! With rainbows and unicorns setting the backdrop, this theme is everything we ever learnt from Disney!

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The princess won't enter just like that!Go fro that flaring white horse pulling this beautiful carriage to bring you to the ceremony.

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Quinceanera theme is all about pink, purple and those "girl" defined colors which are nothing but romantic. It is very important while choosing this theme, to chose two dominant colors for the entire function. These colors will rule the entire decor and on them will the other list be.
The most recent one in trend for spring is mint green and pastel pink. These colors are well coordinated and sublime for the theme you chose. Likewise there many such combinations like velvet purple and chiffon pink, lemon yellow and green etc.

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This is the most important thing right? How can we not discuss the bridal attire when we discuss the decor? Since the entire theme of the wedding is princess, then obviously the wedding dress is princess too. Go for nice pastel shades matching with the color theme of the wedding along with matching and ideal bridal jewelry for the occasion.

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This cake is the main stealer of the wedding.Make sure it is designed in such a way that it shows your theme aptly and personifies your thought. 
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The Quinceanera Wedding After Party

Image result for mask for parties

The best and evergreen theme for this is a masquerade. Elegance, class, fun and surprises. You never know how much your guests will enjoy.

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We hope you now understand what quinceanera theme for the wedding means. Enjoy planning your's in this way and don't forget to send us pictures of it. You never know you may end up inspiring people!


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By Arushi Tyagi



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