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Celebrity Inspiration To Keep Yourself Fit During Pregnancy

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Today the would be mothers are very different, The women are fit and want a very balanced diet during pregnancy. It is very important to embrace your pregnancy weight and the amazing glow.The women these days focus more on the healthy lifestyle than a fatty diet. The future mothers go for better Pregnancy schedules and nourishment. Gone are the days when a pregnant woman had to feast on a rich diet of ghee and dry fruits to ensure a smooth and painless delivery. Today, doctors recommend regular exercise and nutritious diet for a shorter labour.

Best Exercise to get rid of knee and joint pains during pregnancy.

But you will be Surprised to what Kareena Kapoor had to say about her pregnancy diet-

Guess what?? Our jab we met pataka craved the most ? it is karela. She loved the bitter taste of the karela and mentioned that every women has a different taste and it would be so much different for others.

Kareena’s Tip: Stick to whatever you have been doing and craving for!!!

So, for a healthy delivery, you need to stay fit during your pregnancy, and here come some of the precautions.

Pregnancy Care


Have a check on your system, body functions and fitness long before pregnancy You build on your immune system. Firstly, pay a visit to your gynaecologist and seek advice from him. Get all the medical tests done and only after the results, follow your routine chart. Give up all the unhealthy habits– do not stick to a crash diet, start losing some weight as excess body weight can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes and even put strain on your heart. However, do not become obsessed with the idea of staying thin during pregnancy. Also, take vaccination to avoid the possibility of any infection such as German measles, prior to pregnancy.

Kareena’s Tip: Focus on seasonal vegetables and fruits. Try sticking to your own diet that you are use to.

Nutritious Diet

Add fruits, veggies and fibre to your diet. Make slots for your eating habits. Definitely, first few weeks are going to be difficult for you. Build up your inner strength with nutrients like calcium, vitamins and iron as they help in limiting the birth defects. Avoid excess intake of calcium and say no to alcohol, drugs, smoking and energy drinks. All these drinks have unfavourable effects on the baby. Eat sagely and do not eat too much while you are pregnant.

Kareena’s Tip : Don’t overeat, have laddoos made of besan and sujji. Don’t eat goodies from the market, try home made besan and pinni laddoos.

Work Out

There will be mood swings, health breakdown and multiple problems that will keep coming. If you want to work out during pregnancy, then do it under expert supervision. Start you day with warm-up and then with regular exercises. Cycling, swimming and walking, all the cardiovascular exercises would be the best and safest for you. Yoga works smoothly on the reproductory organs and ensures a safer delivery. Avoid any sharp movement exercises like skipping and aerobics.

Best way to maintain a lovely body, best tips for post pregnancy.

Non Healthy Items

Have junk when you are craving at a really difficult level or just avoid intake of junk foods and artificial sweeteners when you are expecting a child. Rather, eat pineapple and pomegranate, take good quality dairy products and soaked nuts and grains. Oatmeal, spinach, red meat, fish and cereals should not be avoided.

Kareena’s mental meal map:

Step 1. Visualise how much you would like to eat.
Step 2. Serve yourself half of the visualised portion on your plate.
Step 3. Take double the time to eat the meal.
Step 4. If you're still hungry, just start again from step 1.
Half portion + Double time = Energetic and light


So, stay healthy, fit and happy during your pregnancy because it is not just about your health now. Your baby's life is also attached to you now!

ShaadiMagic would love to know about your first baby for sure. Share these beautiful moments of motherhood with us.


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest/Google. Shaadi Magic holds no copyright.

By Shagufta Rahaman.                                                                                 




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