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Trending Mannequin Challenge at your Wedding

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The most trending event at weddings these days is the #mannequinchallenge. The challenge has the easiest and craziest approach and all that you have to do is just hold on your patience and your body at the same position you were presently in.

The crowd at the wedding can have fun with this mannequin challenge and can start the challenge at any funny moment possible.

Watch to witness the madness--


The mannequin challenge can be at the wedding sangeet practice or on the very day of the sangeet in between the grooms and brides main performance or if you want it to be huge do it with everyone in the crowd.

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Mannequin Challenge at its best--

Freeze the moment with mannequin challenge when the bride enters, make the moment epic and emotionally more memorable. Another perfect time could be when the bride is going to leave her parents behind that time can be dedicated to the situation.

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Start the Mannequin Challenge before it is too old--

Make the mannequin challenge as funny as possible, add small elements to it. Friends at bachelorette or there can be a competition as to who does it better- #Teambride versus #Teamgroom.Make sure your wedding is trending.

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Go crazy at your wedding--

Watch few exciting videos to make your challenge extraordinary and totally different from the other marriages. Make your wedding popular like #kirtiwedsmihir and make sure all your guests use this and post pictures and the mannequin challenge can be done with help of this tag.

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By Shagufta Rahaman. 



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