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Wedding Tips You Will Be Glad Someone Told You

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Wedding Tips that every bride needs for her wedding day. This would be a great if you had someone right there to help you for everything that you need. On this day everything should be on time and on the right track. So, we have some tips for the couples.

 Here are few things the bride should carry on her wedding day.

Appoint someone you trust as your “designated texter” day of


You don’t want to be bothered with a million little things on your wedding day, and believe me, There Will Be Many. Have someone hold onto your phone and field the texts. They can let you know if something truly disastrous is happening that needs your immediate attention. These tips will help you to relax and work tension free.

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 Give someone the task of feeding you

With all the morning jitters, you’re likely to forget. And you definitely don’t want to put any champagne into your system without having a snack first.

 Best tip: carry body tapes

You don’t want a bridesmaid nip slip disaster to happen during the ceremony. So keep this wedding tip in mind and carry few essentials.

 Try your dress before the wedding

A lot can change during the span of time between your last fitting and your wedding day. To avoid a seriously uncomfortable wedding day, it’s ideal to schedule your actual last fitting the day before, especially if you’re putting yourself through any weight-fluctuating pre-wedding diet.

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 Watch out for melting cakes

Choose the right icing: butter creams, ganaches, whipped cream, pastry creams, and cream cheese icings can melt. Rolled fondant and marzipan-iced cakes are preferred if you’re having a hot, outdoor wedding.

 Don’t schedule your photo-shoot at high noon


Direct overhead sun can create incredibly unflattering shadows. Take your photos in the morning or at twilight.

 The easiest tip to pee in your wedding dress is to sit on the toilet backwards, facing the wall


Think about it: A typical wedding dress is way bigger in the back, which is why you want more space on that side.

 Must not forget bags for you


Whether it’s your marriage certificate, your rings, or a bottle of Visine, you can toss your essential items into the bag as you think of them. There will be so many things to keep track of that having them all in one place will keep you from having that nagging “did I forget something?” feeling.

On the big day, designate someone to have the bag with them at all times.

And speaking of things to not forget, be sure to designate someone who will collect all of the things you want to keep at the end of your wedding day. Guests will inevitably bring gifts and envelopes, and you might want to keep some of your leftover food or cake.

ShaadiMagic would love to help our brides with easy to go tips for their wedding day and prepare them for the best wedding possible.

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By Shagufta Rahaman.         








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