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Sometimes the big *fat* Indian wedding is more than just about the budget and the grandeur. The title is a play at the size of the wallet and also the size of the one who holds it! Most often the fact that men equally have size issues is overlooked, especially in life changing events such as one’s wedding and it is high time we come with ethnic wear that suits the healthy Indian groom.

  1. The Magic K Word:

From S to XL, this is one option that is life saviour. The Indian traditional wear kurta gives the English phrase, knight in shining armour, a visual image. With tonnes of variations being brought about in making the kurta sexy, stylish and suave, the Indian wedding designers have taken a giant leap, literally! And that is why it is the go to option for a plus sized groom.

From the easy going pathani kurta, the flashy coloured ones to the embroidered and silk kurtas, they have revolutionised the wedding line up for the grooms. It is one of the best options to elegantly cover the extra fat!

Silk kurtas have the inherent ability to seamlessly create a slimmer silhouette making everyone wonder about the extra pound vanishing.

  1. The “Suit”able Boy:

It is not only the American legal drama series that has the power to have eyes hooked, a well suited man is equally capable of creating a field that is hard to avert one’s focus from. Tuxedos are everyone’s calling for a grand yet classy reception and it is something that can be effortlessly carried by a man of any size without the buttons spurting out! A dark coloured wedding suit should do the trick to cover the layers under your layers!

If one does it rightly, it might even draw some female attention making your bride hold you closer.

  1. Royalty from Rajasthan:

There is nothing like a perfectly stitched jodhpuri elegance that is made to fit. These jodhpuri suits are now the go to Indian wedding wear for men. With a tinge of western influence and the Indian finesse, these are bound to make any man look dashing sans their size.

  1. Dulhe Raja in Dhoti:

Cover those fleshy thighs with the most comfortable piece of clothing ever invented. This ethnic Indian wear is making heads turn by a being both a comfort cloth and a rising fashion statement.

Flashing the right amount of confidence, sporting the right costume and doing it with ease would any day overshadow one’s size issues. These four wedding attire show the healthy Indian groom the way to do it with sass. Bid adieu to insecurities and flaunt the extra weight in style at your big day!

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