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Eco-Friendly Weddings- The New Entry In Indian Wedding Themes

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Eco-friendly weddings are the new entry in wedding themes, and trust us when we say this that this is something so in trend these days that if it goes in the right direction, weddings in India may just help feed poor kids!
Well, for all those of you who are relatively new to this concept and want to know more about this wedding theme just read along and know some great tips to organize one for yourself too!

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What is Eco-Friendly Wedding?

Eco-friendly weddings are nothing but a step ahead in environment conservation and sustainable development. Long gone are the days when couples wanted the big fat Indian wedding for themselves. With awareness and education now to their prime, couples want more simple and intimate weddings with just a few friends and family in attendance and eco-friendly wedding theme is just the right thing for them.

How To Create One For Yourself?

Well creating an eco-friendly wedding is not as easy or difficult as it sounds, All you need is the right approach and of course the right people to carry it out. You have team ShaadiMagic as the right people to plan this wedding for you, before that we will give you the approach and tips to create one!

Wedding Invitation

Your wedding invites are probably the reason why million of trees are cut every year. Have you ever given it a thought that how you can cut your budget and some slack on the environment by using alternative invitation methods? Well, email, social media wedding invitation, videos etc are some of the ways. But if you still want to go for conventional methods then go for recycled paper with vegetable ink. No harm to your pocket or the environment!

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Wedding Venue

Probably the most important of all, how to chose and eco-friendly wedding venue? The answer to it is having your wedding outdoors at a suitable time where all your lighting and etc can be derived from the sun. Go for a wood wedding location, vineyards, barns, ranches etc.

Wedding Décor

Hmm, so this is something endless like the sky. DO whatever you have to but cut out on decorations like plastic or paper. But if you still want to have it, and then make sure they are recyclable. Go for reusing old stuff, or renting the stuff so that nothing goes waste.

You can have mason jars in centerpieces with either flowers or potpourri in it or still better why not keep small saplings of small flower pots!

Go or kites and lanterns as a part of decorations.

A tire swing tied to a tree is not that bad an idea for a photo booth.

Use minimum flowers for decoration but let them be a statement or if you love flowers then make sure the decoration is done in such a way that still minimum flowers are used.

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Wedding Vehicle

Why enter on a Harley when you have a bike? Well bike as in a bicycle. After all, it is an eco-friendly wedding so let’s just make sure that the vehicle for the bride and the groom is equally in sync with the theme too!

These decorations are just a fair idea to what all you can include. Of course, the list is endless!

Wedding food


If you want to have an eco-friendly wedding the best of it is having a vegetarian menu. Meat industry takes gallons of water every year and having a vegetarian wedding would be a small contribution from our side towards water conservation.

So, here is all that you should know. Details can be too much so get in touch with ShaadiMagic and let us plan your Shaadi your way!

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